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Dark Eye


Dark Eye

The story begins on a moonlit night in 1872, deep in the Okefenokee Swamp. An obscure comet hovers in the sky as Hattie Hodge, a freed African slave, is raped by a faction of the Klan while her husband is simultaneously being hanged. Hattie is rescued by a Seminole medicine woman, Chechoter, who nurtures her back to health and teaches her the ways of the Seminole and the ways of black magic.

Consumed with hatred for those who so defiled her, Hattie the sorceress, finds a portal in the swamp where she creates her own dark realm—and her own immortality.

The comet returns 126 years later and she steps back into the realm of the living to seduce Assistant District Attorney, Elvin Hutto into her service. Millie Hutto, Elvin’s wife, fights to save Elvin from what he is becoming, while Hattie fights for her ultimate justice and revenge.

About the Author

I was born and raised in Decatur, Georgia, a regional gymnastics champion in high school as well as a state finalist, and spent 3 months waist-deep in a black water swamp (with an estimated 400 alligators) for my senior project in college (Might that have influenced the creation of Dark Eye?)

I have 2 great kids. Hannah is 25 and working on her Master's in psychology, and Forrest is 31 and already has his Master's in psychology. He will likely go for his doctorate in the next year or so.

My first wife, Mary, is the mother of those two, a great mother, and we are still great friends.

I met my current wife, Kori, here in North Alabama, where I now live, and she is a great person and a loyal supporter, as well.

My first published novel was Gothica: Romance of the Immortals, a vampire romance. That book was published with an upstart publisher in Georgia that is now out of business. I've been asked if I would write another vampire novel. The truth is, I like vampires, but do we really need another vampire novel? I think not.

And last but not least, Dark Eye is being published by Glastonbury Publishing in the U.K. I cannot thank Sarah Luddington enough for believing in my work. Without her, you would not be reading any of this right now (www.glastonburypublishing.com)

Feel free to contact me, just click on the email button below, or check me out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/steven.r.cowan

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